The Parish Council is very pleased that its recent Poll about the usage of the Dock for restoring the Westmoreland barge, attracted such a large response.


The result was 340 votes in favour of the restoration at Lower Halstow Dock and 152 against which represented 53% of eligible voters expressing an opinion.


These results show that twice as many voters are in favour of the project as are against.  It is now necessary for the restoration Trust to make a formal detailed application to the Parish Council and the other authorities having jurisdiction over the project.  Details will be made publically available once received and the Parish Council, Swale Borough Council and any other concerned authority will consider what terms and conditions are appropriate, should all necessary consents be obtained.

Thank you to all Councillors who spent many hours collating the paperwork and posting out the polls.


The Parish Council would also like to thank everyone who took time to respond to the Poll and make their vote count.